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My intent is to make artwork that will unveil the connection between the beauty of the natural world and the human spirit. Moths hold a special place in my life as they were one of my very first animal guides.  During an important period of my life, they started showing up all around me. And each time I saw one, it felt like electricity was running through me and that I had instantly gained more awareness and gratitude for Life in all forms. I saw this as an omen or a sign of something deeper, something Spiritual. To honor this, I began to examine symbolism which is associated with these moths, as well as to investigate their physical forms and habitats.
I am not a scientist. I am drawn to color and pattern and the mystery of creation. My creative process is about connecting and working to create cohesive relationships….to my soul, my spirit and to Source. My paintings are created by my intuitive responses while engaged with the work.  Much of my inspiration comes  from my experiences in Nature. Luckily I’ve had the opportunity of  being raised in Charleston, South Carolina and  living here in Western North Carolina since 2004.  Throughout my life I have been surrounded by a never ending wonderland of lush green forests, mountain air and freshwater streams as well as blankets of marsh grass and pluff mud, the ebb and flow of the salty ocean tides. In my paintings, you can see the influence of nature in the flow of my brushwork and the influence of my surroundings in the palettes and compositions.
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